Invitations to Reflect Your Style

The search for wedding invitations can be a long and frustrating process. But it doesn't have to be! Here are a few tips for choosing your wedding invitation style.

1. Determine your personal style (it usually matches your personality). Are you silly and whimsical? Maybe you're very reserved and traditional, or even artsy and vintage, modern and bold, or soft and romantic? Most often, brides (and grooms) decide upon their wedding day style based upon their personal styles, so figure yours out!

2. Coordinate your wedding details. Maybe you've picked your flowers, or your reception venue, or that fabulous little birdcage veil. If you've already chosen some of those MUST HAVE items, let those be your starting point for your wedding day pallet. You've chosen your "must haves" because there is something about them that called to you. Something you absolutely loved and even needed. If you can determine what force was pulling you so strongly to those items, you can let it play throughout the rest of your planning.

3. Give your guests a sneak preview. By the time you send out your invitations, you pretty much have all your other plans nailed down, or at least in motion. Keeping your theme throughout your day BEGINS with your invitations. If you have a soft, sexy, romantic evening wedding planned, make sure your invitations give off that vibe. You want your guests to open up your invitation and start picturing your fabulous day in their minds. They will be waiting for your wedding with anticipation and will be all the more excited to see how your perfect details come together.

4. Have fun! Don't let the invitations, or any other part of the wedding planning process stress you out. If you start feeling overwhelmed, step back for a bit and remember why you are planning this wedding in the first place - because you are in love!

Here are a few samples of some brides' styles reflected through their invitations.

Photos courtesy of Erin Jean Photography.

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